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EDTC 6433: Digital Storytelling Video Project

For this class, I created a Digital Storytelling video as my first project. This was my first experience with digital storytelling, as well as with making videos at all. I was nervous to create something like this, but the process … Continue reading

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EDTC 6433: Module 1 Reflection

ISTE Standard 1: Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity Triggering Question: How can I use technology to support active student engagement and authentic language use for my English Language Learners? When considering the public school classrooms of the 21st century, … Continue reading

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EDU 6444: Educating Exceptional Students – Final Reflection

For this course, ‘Educating Exceptional Students’, I was asked to complete a peer review document (attached at the end of this post) in which I researched journals and articles around a topic of my choosing, and then summarized the findings … Continue reading

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EDU 6526: A Place for Advance Organizers

I appreciate the discussion of Advance Organizers and Presentational Instruction this week. The simplistic and straightforward nature of both of these forms of teaching seem to be very effective to me in conveying a clear message about content to be … Continue reading

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