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Internship Reflection 4: Learning Environment

In my opinion, one of the most important and most difficult standard of the Internship Program Standards to maintain well in the classroom is number 5, Learning Environment. This standard states “5. Learning Environment – The teacher fosters and manages … Continue reading

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Internship Reflection 3: Expectations

The first standard in the state-designated teacher preparation standards is about expectations. The standard states “1. Expectations – the teacher communicates high expectations for student learning.” One of the sub-criteria that I have focused a lot on during my internship … Continue reading

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Internship Reflection 2: Families and Community

When teaching young students, it is essential that the teacher maintains consistently strong, positive and collaborative communication with the parents or guardians of the student throughout the school year. The seventh program standard from the Internship Performance Criteria (IPC) addresses this … Continue reading

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Internship Reflection 1: Assessment

The sixth standard in the Internship Program Criteria (IPC) measures assessment and the teacher’s use of high quality formative and summative evaluation of student learning. The standard is stated as follows: 6. Assessment – The teacher uses multiple data elements … Continue reading

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EDTC 6433: Digital Citizenship Poster and Reflection

One of the most pressing topics to be teaching students today is digital citizenship. In fact, an entire ISTE teaching standard (standard 4) is dedicated to the promotion of digital citizenship in a global world. However, it is not enough … Continue reading

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EDTC 6433: Module 5 Reflection – ISTE5: Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

Triggering Event Question: What opportunities are available in my immediate context for continual improvement of professional practice, lifelong learning, and leadership development through the use of digital tools and resources? The fifth and final ISTE Standard for Teachers asks educators to “engage … Continue reading

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EDU 6942: Course Reflection

This course offered students an opportunity to broadly examine the policies, procedures and routines in place at many public schools in Washington that contribute to a safe and productive learning environment. It focused heavily on the laws and regulations around … Continue reading

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