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EDU 6526: Developing Self-Actualizing Students

Learning about self-concept and self-esteem this week, one word becomes glaringly present: self. The ideas that one has about their own identity and the attitude they take towards their own actions and thoughts comes down to one entity: themselves. Humans … Continue reading

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EDU 6526: Multiple Intelligences – When and How to Differentiate

From day 1 of a teacher education program, teacher candidates are inculcated with Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. From taking personal assessments, reading countless scholarly critiques, and debating pros and cons of MI-aligned pedagogy, the theory that humans come … Continue reading

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EDU 6526: RULER – A Social-Emotional Form of Moral Education

At the school in which I currently work, as with the entire Seattle Public School district, a significant effort has been made in the last couple of years towards moral education and citizenship development. This effort has been focused through … Continue reading

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EDU 6526: Collaborative Learning for the Future

I find the concept of cooperative learning to be very fascinating. I certainly agree that as an instructional model it provides countless benefits to the overall learning community. It promotes social skills, group accountability, an overall desire for knowledge and … Continue reading

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